Coca-Cola appoints EU creative director

Coca-Cola has appointed a new director of creative develop – ment for Europe, a move that is expected to kickstart the review process for its delayed design and branding roster overhaul.

Coley Porter Bell client services director Guy Duncan will take up the mantle for the European region from 8 June. Coca-Cola has made an unprecedented move in hiring a candidate from a design and client services background for the role, which has previously been filled by figures with advertising and strategic planning experience.

Duncan will work alongside Coca-Cola European design manager Karen Fream, reporting directly to the company’s corporate creative excellence director J Mildhenall, and ulti mately to European marketing director Gianluca Carpiceci, according to a spokeswoman for Coca-Cola.

Duncan will lead both the London and Brussels teams for creative excellence and design, as well as developing strategy for all brands including Coke, Fanta and Sprite. He replaces Alessandro Andolina, who held the role for 18 months.

According to the spokes – woman, Duncan will oversee work arising from the design and branding roster, currently being put together with the help of Creative Brief (DW 8 November 2007). The roster overhaul has been delayed because of ‘other projects’, says the spokeswoman. ‘Aless andro [Andolina] has been “off post” for a while, which has meant the sheer scale of work put the roster review back.’

Blue Marlin, Brandhouse and The Brand Union are among groups that are understood to have submitted applications for a place on the roster, which will feature a ‘mix of capabilities’, though official appointments have yet to be confirmed.

Recent design, branding and packaging projects, say a number of sources, have been handled by off-roster and contracted groups.

Epoch Design, which worked in conjunction with Coca-Cola’s in-house team to launch Fanta Still earlier this year, is understood to have resigned a contract for Coca-Cola’s belowthe- line work, without applying for a place on the roster.

London consultancy LFH, which is contracted to Coca- Cola Europe for production, artwork and adapted design, is understood to have completed projects for BPM, Dorna Water and Happiness Factory, while consultancy Vivid Brand is thought to be working on strategic projects for the soft drinks giant.

Brand packaging consultan – cies Pearlfisher, Paris-based CBA, Coley Porter Bell and Iris are also understood to have recently undertaken creative projects for the company.

Vicky Bullen, chief executive of Coley Porter Bell, says that replacement for Duncan is still to be decided, but the post will probably be filled internally.


The soft drinks giant has 47 brands in Europe, including: Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero (and other Coke variants), Fanta (including variants), Sprite (including variants), Minute Maid, Oasis, Powerade, Burn, Cana da Dry, Five Alive, Frutonic, Bon Aqua, Aquaria and Barq’s

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