Five Foot Six creates political packaging for Ben & Jerry’s

A series of special edition Ben & Jerry’s ice cream tubs have been designed by Five Foot Six to act as a customer poll in the run-up to the General Election.

The tubs feature caricatures of the leaders of the Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrat, Green and Monster Raving Loony parties. The various flavours – Gordon Fudge Brownie, Cameron Chew Chew, Cheesecake Clegg, Baked A-Lucas and the fairtrade Fairly Nuts – feature illustrations by Simon Farr, commissioned by the consultancy.

’Originally, it was the three main parties, but we extended the brief to include five,’ says Five Foot Six partner Algy Batten. Five Foot Six was approached only last week on the strength of previous work for the company and was briefed to work up designs based on existing flavours.

’We needed to make each flavour appear like the original packaging, so we tried to make them look as authentic as possible,’ Batten adds. The new tubs are on sale until the 6 May Election at Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops and poll results will be shown on a swing-o-meter found
on the company’s website.

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