Randak brands insurance company

Randak has designed an identity for W&P Longreach, a new company formed from the merger of specialist insurers Walton & Parkinson and Longreach.

W&P clients include arts organisations, venues and producers, while Longreach covers sports and entertainment.

Consultancy founder Charles Randak says he was approached by the company on the strength of past work for W&P.

In a bid to show the ‘cutting edge of the industry’ balanced by the ‘energy’ associated with insurance and risk assessment, Randak has designed an asterisk mark composed of the upright letters in the typeface.

Pastel colours have been chosen, allowing the identity to be both ‘discreet and exuberant’, Randak says, adding, ‘It’s still quite a sober business.’

A roll out will begin next week, which may take up to three years. Animated versions of the logos have been created for event screens, and a website is under development. Additionally, the marque ‘may be printed on to cufflinks’, Randak adds.

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