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It appears April has got an identity crisis and mistaken itself for July. So what better way to bask in the glorious weather than to buff up the sunglasses, spark up the barbeque and crack open an ice cold beer – ahem – a Beck’s beer.

No, this does not mean we at Design Week are suddenly investing in product placement, but the Beck’s Art Crawl, running from the 11-28 April, ties in nicely with the heat wave.

Becks Beer into Art
If Jesus can turn water into wine – Beck’s can turn beer into art

The boozy art crawl (drinking optional) celebrates 25 years of the Beck’s Art label and presents eight of its most iconic art labels created by international artists including Tracey Emin, Jeff Koons, Bruce Mclean, Richard Long, Tim Head, Tony Oursler, Tim Noble & Sue Webster and Roderick Buchanan. This unusual exhibition will showcase the artwork, not in a gallery, but across eight bars in East London (think pub golf, but more creative).

Tracey Emin

Source: Waiting for the Tidal Wave, 2000, © Tracey Emin

Waiting for the Tidal Wave, 2000, © Tracey Emin

Tony Oursler

Source: The Influence Machine, 1997, © Tony Oursler

The Influence Machine, 1997, © Tony Oursler

Fans can sign up to the art crawl by visiting the site here, where there is a list of all participating pubs and a map to navigate between them. In between quenching your thirst, and admiring the Beck’s labels there is also a chance to win either a limited edition print of each of the labels or one of 150 free bottles of Beck’s by checking-in via Facebook.

Roderick Buchanan

Source: Soda Stream, 2000, © Roderick Buchanan

Soda Stream, 2000, © Roderick Buchanan

Richard Long

Source: Walking in Circles, 1991, © Richard Long

Walking in Circles, 1991, © Richard Long

And if that doesn’t tipple your fancy, Beck’s is inviting students at the UK’s leading art colleges to submit designs for a new Beck’s art label. Six shortlisted designs will be recreated by art collective End of the Line on a wall space on Great Eastern Street in London’s Shoreditch as part of Art Crawl Live on 16 April. 

Jeff Koons

Source: Pam, 2001, © Jeff Koons

Pam, 2001, © Jeff Koons

Bruce Mclean

Source: Vertical Balcony, 1990, © Bruce Mclean

Vertical Balcony, 1990, © Bruce Mclean

Just remember to please drink responsibly – strictly over 18s only.

The Beck’s Art Crawl, runs from 11-28th April, and Art Crawl Live takes place 16th April, East London. For more information visit

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  • Theo Snoddy December 21, 2016 at 8:25 pm

    How much would 7 unopened original bottles of these cost now? I have a mix ranging from 1990 Bruce Mclean to 2001 Jeff Koons.

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