Command D brands UAL student accommodation building

Consultancy Command D has created the branding for University of the Arts London student accommodation building Glassyard in Stockwell, south London.

Glassyard Buildings logo

Command D was appointed to the project by student accommodation provider Fresh Student Living without a pitch, having previously rebranded the company.

Sheldon Charach, creative director at Command D, says, ‘Being accommodation for an arts university it had to look a bit more arty, rather than just being corporate or “trendy student”.’

‘[The students] are very visually aware so it needed to be quite contemporary.’

The identity uses a sans-serif typeface and green and blue typography, which references the Glassyard name.

Glassyard Buildings logo

Charach says, ‘Although we had to reference the glass, it couldn’t have any connection with glass bottles or alcohol so we wanted to get across a feeling of space and translucency’.

He adds, ‘We used a sans-serif face to keep it modern and clean. As it’s accommodation, you have to show newness and something contemporary.’

Pop-art-inspired hoardings
Pop-art-inspired hoardings

As well as creating the Glassyard identity, Command D also created the pop-art inspired campaign for Fresh Student Living, shown on hoardings and other on and offline marketing materials.

The Glassyard show flats are now open, and Command D says that the accommodation will launch fully in September in time for the new academic year.

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