Painting by numbers

Kansas-based designer Brandon Wilson, who works under the consultancy name Contrabrand, is creating a set of beautifully illustrated numbers – one a day for the duration of this year.

Being monochromatic, and spending no more then an hour on each are the only rules. At the time of publishing he was up to 105. You can see them at

Wilson has been exploring 2D and 3D techniques, abstract forms, and more straightforward approaches.

You might be wondering if he’s running on daily inspiration, and yes, he generally is. ‘I try to stay true and do a logo per day rather than working ahead but to honest I’ve had to a few times,’ says Wilson.

The challenge is ‘to quicken my mental process’ he says and by using a scale of numbers, he can stick to this goal ‘rather then killing myself concepting’.

‘If I can make it, the last one will be on 1 January 2014,’ adds Wilson.

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