Sprout creates Crash Scene Investigators graphics

Sprout has created the title graphics for the TV programme Crash Scene Investigators, which will be aired for the first time at 9pm tomorrow evening on ITV1.

The consultancy handled the titles, stings and 3D sequences for the programme, a hard-hitting account of the consequences of dangerous driving.

Designer Richard White produced the titles and stings. The titles aim to blend the frenetic pace of a crime drama with the finer attention to detail of an investigation series.

Meanwhile, blurred strips of light, as if from passing vehicles, whip through the frame from right to left, creating an impression of speed and motion. The chequered and stripe patterns of hazard warnings animate through the light.

Sprout designers Matt Gee and Matt Izzard used Lightwave 3D to build animated 3D scenes illustrating the events revealed as the story develops.

Sprout, which was commissioned for the work by Leopard Films, is the design arm of London post-production group Evolutions.

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