A new comic craze

For all comic book geeks/lovers out there who are still living in your parents’ basement – it’s time to see the light.

What I mean by this is to head down to the Hypercomics exhibition at London’s Pumphouse Gallery in Battersea next week.

While my comic knowledge goes as far as, erm, Beano and possibly X-men, the press release sent from the Pump House lures us to believe that Hypercomics are the shape of comics to come. And judging from the plethora of events, workshops and intriguing illustrations in the booklet (pictured below) – I believe them.

The Hypercomics exhibition is the brainchild of comic expert Paul Gravett who has invited four renowned comic and visual artists – Adam Dant, Dave McKean, Daniel Merlin Goodbrey and Warren Pleece – to use the architecture of the gallery to weave a story throughout the building where the outcome depends on how visitors interact with the space.

This comic book land is being transform as we speak, so I’m afraid we don’t have images of the exhibition to entice you, but here is a short introduction as to what you may find.

Comic book illustrator, Warren Pleece has created Montague Terrace on the ground floor. Visitors will arrive at a door entry system and depending on which button you press, a snap shot animation will be displayed of the character that lives there.

Warren Pleece  detail from Montague Terrace  an interactive animated installation  2010
Warren Pleece’s Montague Terrace – an interactive animated installation

Going up a floor you will find internet comic specialist Daniel Merlin Goodbrey’s work. He has created an archive for the infamous glam-rock director Hieronymous Pop and charts a day in the life of him using an interactive grid-like system.

The Archivist  2010  Daniel Merlin Goobrey
The Archivist by Daniel Merlin Goodbrey

Graphic novelist Dave McKean lets the visitor see events unfold through the eyes of the character – we believe through mask installations. And if that doesn’t captivate you, artist Adam Dant has transformed the top floor mezzanine level to create a trompe l’oeil wall drawing depicting the passage of Dr London in a narrative autopsy of the city. Don’t worry, I’m not sure either – but all the more reason to find out.

Dave McKean  Alveolate 2  2009  Digital Photograph  image courtesy the artist
Dave McKean’s – Alveolate 2009

Hypercomics from 11 August to 26 September at the Pump House Gallery, Battersea Park, London SW11 www.pumphousegallery.org.uk

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    That’s Dave McKean, not Dave Mcklean!

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