The Remarkable Group creates Swag brochure

Jewellery retailer Swag launches its 2011 brochure this autumn, with design by The Remarkable Group.

Diamond specialist Swag appointed the Winchester-based consultancy without a pitch six weeks ago. The Remarkable Group came up with four brochure concepts, with the winner described as ‘Banksy-esque’ by the client.

‘Swag asked us to create something more avant-garde than its previous brochures, as the brand has been quite girly historically,’ says The Remarkable Group account director Sarah Harris. ‘The new brochure is quite loud and tongue in cheek, which is more in line with Swag’s fun brand name.’

Swag’s biggest-selling items are diamond rings, according to Harris. ‘As such, we wanted to broaden the brand’s appeal so that it takes in the full audience, from young women getting engaged right through to 60-year-old men picking out an eternity ring for their wives,’ says Harris.

The Remarkable Group is working with jewellery photographer Paul Hartley on the project.

The brochure (working concept pictured) will be distributed at the end of October to Swag’s six stores in Kingston, Bluewater, Bromley, Watford, Staines and Croydon, and to 80 000 homes.

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