Virgin 1 to become Channel 1 under BSkyB

BSkyB is rebranding Virgin 1 as Channel 1 and has unveiled a new identity for the channel it acquired in the £160m buyout of Virgin Media Television. 

Relaunching on 3 September, a marketing and communications campaign is expected for the free-to-view channel, which will retain its current programming policy.

BSkyB was unable to confirm whether a design consultancy or an in-house team is responsible for the new design, but all on- and off-air branding will be brought in line with the new brand. A new channel website will be found at

Other channel brands acquired by BskyB under the buyout include Living, Bravo and Challenge. Living +2 has already been rebranded as Living Loves.

On 1 October BSkyB will launch its first 3D TV channel, Sky 3D TV. 

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