A charity identity personalised for each employee

Underscore has rebranded The Money Charity – formerly Credit Action, designing an identity that each staff member can personally adapt.

The Money Charity main logo
The Money Charity main logo

The consultancy was brought in to work on the project following a five-way pitch.

It was briefed to create a new visual identity to mark the change in the name of the organisation, which helps people stay on top of their finances and debts.

Underscore created a logo that can be adapted by each member of staff. The ‘money’ element of the identity remains consistent, while the ‘the’ and ‘charity’ are written by the staff member, creating an infinite number of personalised marks as well as one main, italicised logo.

The Money Charity personalised logos
The Money Charity personalised logos

The word-mark is written in black and white, and Underscore devised a supporting palette of eight other colours that will denote different audience groups.

Neil Stanhope, Underscore founder, says, ‘[The Money Charity] needed a positive, friendly, helpful face that van help people get on top of their money.

‘We wanted to turn the negatives of managing your personal money into something that can be positive and helpful.’

What would you do if money wasn't an issue? mug
What would you do if money wasn’t an issue? mug

Underscore created new brand propositions, ‘helping your world go round’ and ‘what would you do if…’, which can be adapted for any number of different conclusions across the brand’s applications.

According to Stanhope, the new identity needed to appeal to a wide-range of audiences, including young people and students, adults and those in the financial industry, to better facilitate relationships between the various groups.

The Money Charity business card
The Money Charity business card

The new name and identity are due to launch in the next four to six weeks according to Stanhope, and the new website will launch in September.

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