Together designs Prime Minister stamps

Together Design is behind the design of a set of eight stamps for the Royal Mail depicting ‘key British Prime Ministers of the last 200 years.’

The first set ever dedicated to Prime Ministers includes the likes of William Pitt the Younger, Winston Churchill, Clement Atlee and Margaret Thatcher.

According to Together Design creative director Katja Thielen, the consultancy competed against two others in the concept stage of the project before the Stamp Advisory Committee selected Together.

Thielen says, ‘We were given a set of names and had thought about a background showing a sense of achievement for each Prime Minister.

‘However we didn’t want the background to be too busy and we wanted to bring out each Prime Minister so went for a cohesive green background and tried to keep retouching to a minimal.’

The images have been positioned and cropped so as to ‘keep the eye line very level and communicate with the viewer,’ says Thielen.

They have been selected from a range of libraries, picture libraries and estates – a process which took many months according to Thielen, who says there was a ‘huge variation in quality’.

The stamps are available from 14 October at and from Post Offices around the UK.

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