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Brand Communications

It is always a challenge to achieve branding that reflects the culture of your business or service and gives you a competitive edge over your rivals. Add to that the need to keep stakeholders in the loop and branding becomes a complex business.

Kennedy Healthcare flyer by The Gate Worldwide

Subtle Impact

In professional services, the downturn favours those who are clear about their offer and communicate it distinctly. Maeve Hosea hears the case put by law firms and chartered accountants on what they are doing with their brands to stay on top of their game

Pipe replacement work in Chinatown, London

In the pipeline

The branding opportunities that arose from the privatisation of utility provision mean that companies are taking communications seriously, and new technology will offer further potential for differentiation. Matthew Valentine reports

Tom Foulkes, Head of development marketing, retail Land Securities

Tough it out

In a recession you’ve got to keep investing – and find the right tone of voice for addressing your market

Commode by Pearson Lloyd and Kirton Healthcare

Creative Arena – Case study: Design Bugs Out

A project for the Department of Health has created widespread public-sector interest by pioneering a practical model for design procurement strategies, and public/private sector working arrangements. Infections such as MRSA and Clostridium difficile have been the cause of widespread illness and even death in UK hospitals. They cause fear and concern for patients and their […]

Stop Thief anti-theft furniture concepts by the Design Against Crime Research Centre

Creative Arena – Case study: Designing Out Crime

Spending money to save money is always an attractive option, especially when it comes to high-profile public issues such as crime. Last year the Home Office put up £3m for the launch of the Design and Technology Alliance, which aims to bring together designers and wider industry with the public sector, crime prevention experts and […]

Creative arena

It’s looking good for design in the public sector, with an emphasis on innovation and a thirst for work that can make a real difference. Matthew Valentine considers some key initiatives that are tackling urgent issues such as hospital infections and crime

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