Natural History Museum unveils international design roster

The Natural History Museum has unveiled its international design framework, featuring 24 design and architecture groups.

The new roster replaces the museum’s first framework, which comprised 18 consultancies and ran for two years. A three-month tender process has whittled 180 groups down to 24, who will work on exhibition, interiors, branding, Web, lighting and architectural projects over the next three to four years.

Ten groups from the old roster failed to make it on to the second: Casson Mann, Furneaux Stewart, Met Studio Design, Spread Design, Kiss the Frog, Newangle, Glassborow Associates, Rose-Innes Associates, Raw Nerve and Perks Willis Design.

Freshly rostered exhibition design consultancies include M Worldwide, Event Communications, Easy Tiger Creative, US-based Jack Rouse Associates and the German-based group Kurt Hüttinger & Co. Branding and graphics groups Roundel, Dogstar Design, Hat-Trick Design, Path Design, Sumo Design, Agenda Design and Uniform Communications have all been rostered, while none of the former graphic design roster are on the list.

Uniform managing director Nick Howe tells Design Week he understands from ‘informal feedback’ that the group’s unpaid credentials pitch has secured it a place on both the graphics and exhibitions rosters. He is arranging a meeting between the museum and Uniform’s entire design team to take place in the new year.

Several exhibition design groups that offer architectural services were rostered, including German group Atelier Brückner, Universal Design Studio, Metaphor and BDP.

NHM head of project office and production Violet Mareck claims that exhibition and graphic designers are most likely to be the first to benefit from the new framework. She says, ‘Until the new financial year kicks in it is difficult to confirm the first projects, but these are likely to be temporary exhibitions, Wildlife Photographer of the Year and maybe a new dinosaur exhibition.

‘Using frameworks is now a more common approach, along with our peer organisations such as the British Museum and Imperial College London,’ she adds.

The Full Roster:

Land Design Studio, Real Studios, Pentagram, Easy Tiger Creative, Ralph Appelbaum Associates, Kurt Hüttinger & Co, Roundel, Dogstar Design, Hat-Trick Design, Jack Rouse Associates, Path Design, Universal Design Studio, M Worldwide, At Large, Event Communications, Atelier Brückner, Metaphor, BDP, Uniform Connections, A-Em Studio, Sumo Design, Agenda Design, H Studio and Opera Design

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