Ware Anthony Rust works on biomedical website

Cambridge-based consultancy Ware Anthony Rust is branding and designing a new website for Biomedical Research Centres, based around a ‘molecular structure metaphor’.

The consultancy’s appointment follows a successful three-way pitch in January for the new National Institute of Health Research, the body which created the centres.

War aims to create a ‘virtual office’ to organise the BRC’s 11 research themes, which will inform patients, professionals, staff and the media about research into medical conditions such as cancer, neuroscience and genetics. 

Tasked with unifying the research disciplines, the consultancy is designing a homepage to act as a visual navigation tool based on a molecular structure. War digital manager Katy Brown says, ‘Each molecule will represent a separate theme. You can click through to drill down into them.’

The typographic identity created for the site, which launches in March, is likely to become the institute’s permanent identity, according to Brown.

The site’s look and feel will be ‘neutral and formal, with clean and bright blues and whites’, Brown says.  This is to tie in with NHS guidelines and represent partners Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation  Trust and the University of Cambridge, she adds.

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