A new look for London’s Air Ambulance

The Clearing has created new designs for London’s Air Ambulance, to be shown across its helicopter and fleet of six cars.

The new London Air Ambulance helicopter design
The new designs on the London Air Ambulance helicopter

The London’s Air Ambulance charity responds to injured causalities in and around the capital. Its helicopter and fleet of cars all carry a doctor trained in emergency medicine as well as a paramedic, meaning life-saving surgery can be carried out at the scene.

The Clearing was brought in through a recommendation to redesign the vehicle liveries since the London’s Air Ambulance sponsorship deal with Virgin ended, meaning the previously all-red design needed to be replaced.

The charity is now sponsored by a number of different partners.

Jonathan Hubbard, creative director and founder of The Clearing, says, ‘One of the problems we felt we had to try and counter was that people don’t really understand the scope of what they do.

‘They’re all about getting doctors and specialists to the scene of an injury as fast as they can. Rather than waiting for a call, they scan the airwaves.’

The new designs on the London Air Ambulance helicopter
The new designs on the London Air Ambulance helicopter

The new helicopter will feature the message ‘support London’s Air Ambulance’, and features green and yellow stripes on a red background.

Hubbard says, ‘We recommended that they didn’t put the headline sponsor’s livery across them.’

He adds, ‘It’s a combination of strategic thinking and design execution. The helicopter isn’t just a flying thing – it’s a communication asset.’

There are no current plans to redesign the London’s Air Ambulance logo or website, though Hubbard says The Clearing will continue to work with the organisation on other projects this year.

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