Can’t Understand New Technology

Riddled with swearing, childish humour and insider knowledge, Can’t Understand New Technology (no, we shan’t be using the acronym) is a new gossip rag for the Silicon Roundabout set.


With inky-fingered cut-and-paste layouts and layer upon layer of irony, Can’t Understand follows firmly in the legacy of Shoreditch Twat and Private Eye (both acknowledged references).

A typically hectic (and sweary) spread

Edited by Digit brand strategist Camilla Grey and designed by Plan-B Studio founder Steve Price, the tabloid features contributions from the likes of Laura Jordan Bombach, Flo Heiss, Simon Manchipp and Graham Wood.

Grey and Price say the aim is to report on what Silicon Roundabout really thinks about new technology.

'Fuck Silicon Roundabout, and fuck your start-up'
‘Fuck Silicon Roundabout, and fuck your start-up’

This largely seems to comprise energetic bouts of swearing (‘Fuck Silicon Roundabout and fuck your startup’, writes Tom Kile Hartshorn, before going on to describe Shoreditch as ‘a poo rolled in cheap glitter’) and surreal humour, such as Bambach’s ‘Ad Nauseum’ TV script.

Ad Nauseum
Ad Nauseum

But amongst all this there’s a fair bit of insight, such as an interview with Tyler Finck, creator of the Piction app, and passionate pieces about the lack of experimentation in design (from Harry Woodrow) and moving out of London (from Stephen Fulljames).

Tyler Finck's Piction
Tyler Finck’s Piction

Sent out to selected readers, Can’t Understand is only available as a hard copy – ‘it’s ironic’, say the founders.

Agon-E Aunt
Agon-E Aunt

The mag’s only online presence will be the conversations created by its readers, which can be followed on #cantunderstandnewtechnology.

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