New Bang & Olufsen audio system knows what you want to listen to

BeoSound Moment, Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen has worked with UX consultancy Tectonic to design an audio system which intuitively suggests songs to users who interact via a “MoodWheel” interface.

The BeoSound Moment product integrates cloud-based music services and digital music files from home networks.

Seattle-based Tectonic was engaged to create a “sophisticated and timeless” design language and created the MoodWheel for the system, which allows users to select a mood segment and then vary the familiarity of the music they hear by touching towards the centre for songs they know and around the edge to experience new songs.

BeoSound Moment, Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen says the platform “learns users behaviors and adapts the listening experience”.

Tectonic worked with Bang & Olufsen industrial designers and engineers, who have integrated the interface into a product made of oak and aluminium.

BeoSound Moment, Bang & Olufsen

Tectonic founder and principal Bill Flora says: “The design goal was to express the essence of Bang and Olufsen though software, and to find a solution that enables a new, modern music experience.

“We think true luxury is the ability to lean back and with a single touch create the right mood and atmosphere.”

BeoSound Moment, Bang & Olufsen

Flora is a former Microsoft design director who worked on Microsoft’s Metro interface.

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