Dott 07 seeks consultants for 3D Cyborg Future show

Dott 07 is hunting for a consultancy to create a 3D design for its main exhibition this year.

Dott 07 is hunting for a consultancy to create a 3D design for its main exhibition this year.

Our Cyborg Future: Me or Machine? is a joint venture between Dott 07, Tyne and Wear Museums and One North East. It will take place at the Discovery Museum in Newcastle between August and October.

Consultancies are invited to submit credentials and a set of working drawings for the design of a 3D physical environment. The structure will be a total environment, which will hold all the exhibits.

The exhibition looks at the shrinking boundaries between humanity and the technology it uses, from prosthetic body parts to smart textiles and wearable computing.

The exhibition’s central theme, ‘Is this the future we want?’, will highlight the relationships between healthcare, fashion, sport, textiles, jewellery and architecture through technology.

Robots designed to help elderly people, state-of-the-art devices for health, fashion and sport, plus devices that connect our minds to communication networks, will be showcased.

TWM is hosting the show, which is expected to attract more than 100 000 visitors, and is also providing project management, 2D design and exhibition build services.

Robert O’Dowd, Dott 07 executive producer, says, ‘This is a major show we are doing. We are always looking for people who understand what our principles are, not someone who would design things in boxes – somebody who is empathetic to Dott and who knows the total feeling and ethos. People who are thinking, “Are we happy about the way the world is? Is this the way we want to live?” It has to be a design to reflect what engages people.’

Successful consultancies will be contracted to Newcastle City Council on behalf of TWM. The closing date for expressions of interest is 9 January at 12pm. Tenders must be in by 25 January, with the appointment to be made by 31 January.

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