Frank creates BBC Northern Ireland on-screen identity

Belfast-based consultancy Frank has designed the on-screen identity for BBC Northern Ireland, working in consultation with Red Bee Media, which designed a logo for the broadcaster in 2006.

Frank was appointed in January 2008 after taking part in a competitive pitch in 2006 for the brand identity.

The pitch, which also featured Fallon and Lambie-Nairn, was won by Red Bee Media, but according to Frank creative director Steven Shaw, Frank won the appointment to create the on-screen identity on the strength of this original pitch – a method he describes as ‘unusual, but working very well’.

Frank was given the logo, designed by Red Bee Media, and asked to design a motion sequence that could be used in trailers and opening tags.

The animation carries a new set of guidelines which replace those created by Red Bee Media.

Shaw says the look and feel is ‘a shapely animation that rotates and flows to make something complete’. This he describes as ‘an animated treatment’ that considers ‘the past history of Northern Ireland’ and how the channel ‘reflects local stories’.

‘The Red Bee guidelines were more to inform the process,’ says Shaw. ‘We’ve created on- and off-air guidelines with more specific deliverables, like how independent producers can apply the new brand.’

The new sequence will be screened in February.

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