Jannuzzi Smith brands RCA’s Battersea campus

Jannuzzi Smith is developing the signage and branding for the Royal College of Art’s new campus in London’s Battersea.

Having worked on a rebrand for the RCA in 2007, the consultancy has now created a ‘sub-brand’, which has been applied on the newly opened sculpture school in Battersea, designed by architect Wright & Wright.

The sub-brand uses a new bespoke typeface known as Cal, a sans serif derived from Calvert, created by Margaret Calvert in 1980.

Jannuzzi Smith creative director Richard Smith says, ‘We presented the work to Margaret Calvert and she gave it her blessing.’

Smith says the sub-brand will be applied on signage and wayfinding across the Battersea campus, which will house the RCA’s schools of fine art and applied art when completed in 2013.

He adds that the sub-branding will also be used on the new painting building, designed by architect Haworth Tompkins, which is due to complete later this year.

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