Tena rebrand aims to take stigma away from incontinence

Branding consultancy Dragon has repositioned incontinence brand Tena in a bid to disassociate the condition from its stigma.

Appointed to the project in July 2007, Dragon was asked to ‘help break down the social taboo’ by SCA, which owns the Tena brand.

Dragon had to realign the professional side of the brand – used in care homes and large institutions – with the consumer side, used by individuals suffering from the condition.

‘We had to try and help bring the incontinence issue to a wider market so sufferers are not alienated,’ says Keshi Bouri, creative director at Dragon. ‘It needed an open and conversational style.’

A new colour palette adding greens to the ‘cold and clinical’ blue has been created to give a ‘natural’ feel, according to Bouri.

He says that the photography used across its new campaigns creates a connection with the outdoors. ‘People are shot outside and there’s a connection made with greenery and the sky, as [the condition] is debilitating and sometimes people don’t leave the house.’

A bold Viato typeface has been used, and a ‘conversational feel’ has been achieved through the use of speech bubbles, according to Bouri,

The existing logo has been kept, but the repositioned off-pack identity will be rolled out across all communications from February.

Dragon’s work has had to tie in with the Tena website, www.tena.co.uk, designed by DLKW.

Bouri anticipates more branding work for Dragon across Tena lifestyle products and says that he is ‘in the process’ of making packaging proposals for the brand.

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