B&B Studio brands new gum Peppersmith

B&B Studio has named and branded a new chewing gum, Peppersmith, which is being launched by two ex-employees of juice brand Innocent.

The consultancy has created an identity, pack graphics, print materials and website, following its appointment on credentials in July 2009.

Tasked with building a brand that reflects the product’s sustainably sourced natural ingredients, B&B Studio has developed a look and feel which suggests the ‘Englishness’ and ‘artisan’ values of the product.

Peppersmith claims that its gum is made from real peppermint and natural chicle gum, sustainably harvested from the Central American rainforest.

The marque has two levels of interpretation, according to Kerry Bolt, client partner at B&B Studio – ‘Authentic English peppermint leaves or a moustache’. Eight ‘moustache heroes’ will appear on associated branding, including Ming the Merciless and Charlie Chaplin.

The website ties in with the peppermint green colourways, but blue graphics have already been set aside for the spearmint flavour, along with red for cinnamon, and orange for fish and chips.

Peppersmith founders Dan Shrimpton and Mike Stevens have created the concept for the packaging, which contains papers for throwing gum away to discourage people from throwing it on pavements.

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  • Marlon November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Really like this idea. The design isn’t too bad either!

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