Bell Design works on primary curriculum brand

Bell Design is working on the brand for the new primary curriculum, which was announced last November.

The consultancy was appointed by the Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency in early November 2009, according to Gill Dalrymple, head of business development at Bell.

Dalrymple says the consultancy is working on strategic, print and digital elements, adding, ‘We are developing a brand identity for the primary curriculum and looking at how this would sit within the national curriculum.’

She adds, ‘The key challenge is to help teachers understand the changes to the curriculum.’

Bell is working on printed materials providing guidance for teachers on the new curriculum, which will be sent out to all schools in England next month. The consultancy is also developing an interactive Flash tool to introduce the new primary curriculum.

Mark Hunter, director of marketing with QCDA, says, ‘[Bell] has succeeded in giving the new primary curriculum materials a distinctive look and feel, but one that sits firmly within the overall national curriculum identity.’

E3 Media has redesigned the national curriculum’s website in anticipation of the new primary curriculum.

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