Giving up

Following our blog about inspiring New Year’s resolutions yesterday, Ded Associates sent us this project that it has been working on for Dutch foundation Stivoro, which helps people give up smoking.

Ded was commissioned with other designers from Shoparound Posse to create a 20 second-long animation which would be used as part of a new online campaign.

A still from the animation
A still from the animation

Ded chose a to feature a cute little critter, who is suffering from the withdrawal symptoms of smoking, on a Tamagotchi-style interface. Aw.

The poor little guy looks pretty ropey until he is fed a selection on microtabs, nicotine plasters, gum and lozenges, after which we soon see him feeling better.

A still from the animation
Ded Associates have used a Tamagotchi interface to show Stivoro’s products

Stivoro has commissioned some great animations to support its work, click here to look at some of the others, featuring some more sweet, and also frankly terrifying characters.

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