Think Public works on Barnet prototyping system

Think Public has been working with Barnet Council to develop a new prototyping system that can be used to build new public services.

Cephas holding badge
Cephas holding badge

Think Public founder Deborah Szebeko says the consultancy has been working with Barnet Council since September 2010 to develop a prototyping system than can be used to develop new services. The cost benefits of the scheme will be analysed by Nesta.

Think Public was initially tasked with prototyping a system to help the council work with families with complex needs. The result was the community coaches system, which was tested with families on the Grahame Park estate in Barnet. The service aimed to help families become more resilient and to reduce their dependence on the state.

Szebeko says, ‘We’ve been developing a model to find out what it might look like and how it might be funded. It takes ideas of design research, such as role playing, and can help the council to develop projects.’

The prototyping process finished last week and the aim is now to develop the system into a pilot project.

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