Former Landor designers move on with Family and Friends

Ex-Landor creative director Derek Johnston has set up a new consultancy, Family and Friends, with Alex Durbridge, and has contracts in place with several blue-chip companies.

The pair set up the new group following Johnston’s redundancy from Landor in March and Durbridge’s resignation from the same consultancy in May.
Specialising in packaging and packaging branding, Johnston says Family and Friends is working with a big food group in India, a leading UK smoothie producer, and other wine and snack brands.

The consultancy will invite the expertise of different designers on a freelance basis. ‘They are “family and friends” – a whole bunch of friends who have little listed companies. We’ve come to know them over 38 years’ combined experience,’ says Johnston.

He says this strategy will help the group undercut larger consultancies, though Johnston is keen to stress he is not underselling his services.

‘We can be highly competitive but try not to go too cheap,’ Johnstone says, adding, ‘It sounds a bit old-fashioned, but we say give us a fair price for a fair day’s work. Our overheads are low and we can earn a living from what we love doing.’

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