Transport for London to launch new river transport project

Transport for London is planning a tender to find designers to help it with a new river transport project. ‘We are working on a new programme to increase ridership of the London River Services,’ says TfL’s new head of design Jon Hunter, adding, ‘There is a whole package of work for this project, including wayfinding and looking at services.’

Hunter confirms that TfL will soon be launching a tender to appoint ‘external assistance’ to help it deliver the programme in the next six to nine months. ‘This is a big and exciting project,’ he says.

Meanwhile, more than 300 design consultancies are vying for eight places on the TfL framework, with the shortlist to be announced next month.

The new roster begins on 1 April 2010 and will be the first to be completed under Hunter. As it does now, the roster will feature about four 2D and four 3D product designers.

The successful groups could benefit from work across a range of new and ongoing transport initiatives, including Crossrail and cycle superhighways.

‘We are working on a raft of projects supporting the mayoral priorities,’ says Hunter.

New branding for cycle superhighways is due to be launched over the next few weeks. ‘Creating major orbital routes for cyclists, the superhighways will be differentiated from normal cycle lanes in terms of colour and branding,’ Hunter continues.

Former TfL head of group publishing Hunter took over from Innes Ferguson on 7 May. He reports that the newly conflated 2D and 3D design team is ‘very busy’.
Hunter, whose background is in branding, works closely with team leaders for TfL’s various ‘modes’, which include surface transport and the London Underground.
Hunter refutes that Crossrail could be imperiled by a rumoured funding crisis, assuring DW that design work for the new rail network is ‘continuing apace’.

‘Crossrail is fully funded and supported at the moment, and there is still work to do on it, including on train interiors and finalising wayfinding strategies,’ he explains.

Roster Review Timeline:

January 2009 – Transport for London issues tender, attracting more than 300 responses
August 2009 – shortlist due to be announced
1 April 2010 – new roster of about eight design consultancies takes over. The current 2D framework includes Bisquit, Minale Tattersfield, Frameworks Brandlogic and Real 451, while the current 3D roster includes Era Studio, Jed Co, Pearson Lloyd and Priestman Goode

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