Ikea decorates Bournemouth beach hut

Interior designers from Ikea have decorated one of Bournemouth’s council-owned beach huts.

Bournemouth Tourism invited Ikea Southampton to decorate the chalet as a way of promoting the 2000 beach huts, many of which are still council-owned.

Led by Ikea Southampton interior designer Nick Scott, the team transformed a traditional black-and-white beach hut into a pastel green-and-white Ikea-furnished chalet tailored particularly to children.

The 2m2 hut contains space-saving Ikea furniture including the Norbo fold-down wall-mounted table, Brommo rope-strung deckchairs and a white Applad kitchen.

The hut, on Durley Chine beach, will be available to rent over the summer and throughout 2011.

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