Cog Design’s confetti branding for new Doncaster venue

Cog Design has created the identity for Cast, a new venue in Doncaster.

Cast identity with confetti variations
Cast identity with confetti variations

Cast will be a council-funded venue run by independent trust Doncaster Performance Venue Ltd, which appointed Cog Design following a credentials pitch around a year ago.

Michael Smith, Cog Design director, says, ‘Throughout the consultation process we discovered that for the people of Doncaster, heritage and a sense of pride in their town are incredibly important.

‘The venue will become a cultural centre of Doncaster so we had to make the identity as friendly as possible’.

Cast identity in boxes
Cast identity in boxes

The Cast name was chosen as it is ‘metaphorically and physically at the heart of Doncaster’, says Smith.

He adds, ‘The branding isn’t about the venue, but about the people who come to the venue’.

The word mark uses a typeface that aims to reference Doncaster’s industrial heritage. The triangle-shaped cut-outs at the end of the letters inform the triangular confetti patterns used throughout the branding in a range of bright colours.

Smith says, ‘It’s about the show coming together – the idea you have all these people swarming towards the venue.’

Cast is due to open in September this year, and Cog Design is currently working on the website and newspaper-style brochures for the venue.

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