Dunkin’ Donuts overhauls interiors to entice customers to stay

Dunkin’ Donuts is rolling out new interiors in a bid to entice customers to stay in the branches.

The Cappuccino Blend design option
The Cappuccino Blend design option

The chain says the new designs are intended ‘to create a warm environment for guests who seek a longer, more relaxed visit’.

The redesign – the first in nearly seven years – is part of a move by the brand to change from ‘a morning destination into a brand that serves people all day long’.

The Jazz Brew design option
The Jazz Brew design option

Branches will feature elements such as flat-screen TVs, free wifi and soft seating and new digital menu boards use video features.

Dunkin’ Donuts franchisees can choose from four different design options, each of which features its own colour scheme, graphics, furniture and lighting. The different design schemes are called Original Blend, Cappuccino Blend, Dark Roast and Jazz Brew.

The Original Blend design option
The Original Blend design option

The brand has also developed an iPad app that allows franchisees to mix and match elements from each design option to create their own bespoke interiors.

The new design is rolling out in Dunkin’ Donuts stores across the US and internationally.

The brand hasn’t operated in the UK since the 1990s, but is reported to be mulling a return to the British market.

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