ANC reviews Springbok emblem

The Springbok emblem of the South Africa rugby union team is under threat of being replaced with the protea flower, following more than 100 years as the logo of the team, according to reports.

The emblem will be reviewed at the African National Congress conference, which will decide if the protea flower should be the only national sports logo.

In 2004, the Springbok was reviewed by The South African Sports Commission, which decided to keep the emblem. However, it was redesigned on the Springbok jersey to bring the protea in line with the official protea logo used for all South African sports teams.

There is mixed opinion as to whether the Springbok should stay. The ANC believes that it should be about uniform colours for all national teams in the interest of nation building, while the Democratic Alliance says that the ANC wrongly linked the emblem with apartheid and has overlooked its heritage.

The Springbok emblem has been used since 1906.

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