Pearlfisher creates packs for new Absolut vodka

Swedish vodka brand Absolut has unveiled a new range called Absolut 100, with packaging and identity by Pearlfisher.

Developed for the duty free and travel retail market, the vodka’s look uses a minimal, masculine colour palette of semi-opaque black glass, with chrome typography contrasted with grey lettering.

The design aims to convey ‘strength through masculinity and exclusivity’, ensuring that there is no confusion among the flavoured vodkas in the market.

The 100° proof/50 per cent abv spirit is aimed at the discerning, responsible drinking business traveller.

Pearlfisher, which is a long-term strategic design partner for Absolut, was briefed to base the design around strength, and has used the iconic Absolut identity and bottle shape.

‘Absolut 100 is a drink that is not for everyone,’ says Pearlfisher creative partner Jonathan Ford. ‘The concept needed to reflect masculinity and exclusivity, and we were inspired by the contemporary visual language of performance cars and cutting-edge technology.’

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