Apple reveals new products

Apple has finally unveiled the design of a 3G iPhone, to be launched in July, which is ‘much faster’ than the 2G version currently available, with a much lower price tag.

For iPhone users, the new model means being able to e-mail attachments and load Web pages twice as fast on the 3G networks as on the current iPhone’s 2G Edge networks. The design has also been slimmed down.

Speaking at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco yesterday, Apple’s chief executive Steve Jobs unveiled the second generation of its iPhone.

It offers ‘fast 3G wireless technology, GPS mapping and support for [e-mail] features such as Microsoft Exchange’.

The 3G technology on the new phone is an improvement on Apple’s previous design, which suggests the company has listened to critics of the product who commented on the slowness of the 2G models.

The 3G iPhone works by using a technology protocol called ‘high-speed downlink packet access’ to download data quickly over universal mobile telecommunications system networks.

The new iPhones will be available to buy in 8GB and 16GB models in the UK from 11 July.

According to the New York Times, Apple has also filed patents for solar cell technology that would sit under the iPhone’s screen, and potentially enable it to be charged by the sun.

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