Lyndsay to create HMS Belfast exhibition

Henry Lyndsay Design is to create an exhibition on shipbuilding for HMS Belfast, part of the Imperial War Museum group of visitor attractions.

The Somerset-based museum exhibition design specialist was appointed at the start of May following an unpaid creative pitch.

Lyndsay has previously worked within the Imperial War Museum’s in-house design team. This will be the first exhibition he will work on for the museum since leaving in 2002.

The show, scheduled to take place in October, will feature an interactive element by digital consultancy Clock.

Exhibition sponsor the History Channel brought Clock on board to create an interactive viral game in which visitors can design their own warships.

HMS Belfast and its counterpart, Imperial War Museum-owned Churchill Museum & Cabinet War Rooms, have jointly appointed London marketing consultancy Mabox to design its exhibition collateral over the coming year.

The group will design the campaign material for the shipbuilding exhibition, under a brief to help increase visitor numbers.

HMS Belfast currently attracts about 255 000 visitors a year.

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