Thomas Manss opens Brazil office

Thomas Manss & Company is opening its first South American office in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, this week, headed by Rio de Janeiro partner Maria Clara Rezende.

The office will serve both Brazilian clients and European companies targeting the Brazilian market.

Thomas Manss, founder of Thomas Manss & Company, says, ‘We’ve been preparing all this for six months, but bureaucracy in Brazil is not easy.’

Manss initially visited Brazil three months ago. The consultancy currently has a number of Brazilian clients including coffee company Café Cristina.

‘There’s a lot of stuff going on in Brazil at the moment ahead of the World Cup [in 2014]’, Manss says.

‘We had a very smart designer here, Maria [Clara Rezende] and when she went back to Brazil she said there’s nothing like what we do there – that combination of the German sense of order and English eccentricity.’

Initially, the office will be staffed by Rezende and one other designer, before recruiting more local staff.

Manss adds, ‘In the UK and Germany you get jobs because people have seen your work and feel it is right for their company. In Brazil it’s all about personal relations, so it takes longer.’

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