Moleskine unveils new branding and monogram graphic

Notebook brand Moleskine has launched a new monogram graphic, designed by Milan-based consultancy A+G Achilli Ghizzardi Associati.

Moleskine monogram
Moleskine monogram

The brand’s logo has also been slightly tweaked, with ‘a more emphasised roundness to the curves of the letters’, according to Moleskine, which says that this creates ‘a proprietary font for the first time in the company’s history.’

The letter ‘M’ of the logotype now becomes the ‘pivot’ for the whole Moleskine identity.

Monogram, windows illustrating how you can fill your Moleskine
Monogram, windows illustrating how you can fill your Moleskine

The monogram symbol uses a series of nine modules to form a square. The first module is formed of the Moleskin ‘M’, with the other eight characters creating flexible windows that can show any colour or background image.

The windows are also being used by Moleskine to display social media tabs, as well as illustrating how the notebooks can be filled, such as with sketches and doodles.

Monogram showing the social media tabs
Monogram showing the social media tabs

The device can be used as online photo galleries and video displays. It will begin to appear on packaging, physical communications such as press and marketing materials and in stores from next year.

Moleskine says, ‘Organised in a structured grid [the monogram] brings together various facets of the brand while maintaining a balance between cohesion and openness, in keeping with the Moleskine values of organisation and creativity.’

According to the brand, the monogram has been introduced to help unite its various offers, which now include apps, instruments for writing and reading, print-on-demand services, cases and bags, as well as its key notebook products.

Moleskine says, ‘the intention was to create a fluid visual icon that communicates its multi-faceted and open nature while unifying its many objects, types of users and brand values.’

Monogram drafting
Monogram drafting
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