The Clearing brands Ocado’s Fetch pet supply store

Online grocery retailer Ocado has launched pet supply store Fetch, with branding by The Clearing.


Fetch brand name with a textured animal fur background
Fetch brand name with a textured animal fur background

The identity aims to position pet owners as ‘parents’, giving the animals a ‘humanised’ personality and appearance.

The Clearing  began work on the project about a year ago, and was tasked with creating a distinct sub brand that clearly linked to the Ocado Group branding. Fetch is the first non-food offer from the brand.

Richard Buchanan, The Clearing director of consulting and co founder, ‘The pet website had to make an impact in an over-saturated – if nondescript – market, while staying true to the Ocado Group brand.

‘Our brand strategy recognised shifting perceptions amongst UK pet owners. In particular, it references the increased tendency for us to personify our pets – to treat them as members of the family.’

Fetch 'Cos Im worth it' campaign image
Fetch ‘Cos Im worth it’ campaign image

The name Fetch was chosen to reference the fact that the products are delivered, while the stylised bone-shaped logo and typography style look to create a friendly, playful look and feel, according to The Clearing.

Buchanan says, ‘We wanted to create something that had a distinctive personality and lots of character. It’s all about having a playful use of language and showing the way people treat animals like humans. We wanted to give them a voice in an entertaining way.

Campaign materials use animal photography alongside slogans such as ‘Cos I’m worth it’ – a nod to the L’Oreal brand campaigns – and ‘What do you mean I eat like a horse?’ alongside an open-mouthed kitten.

Fetch 'What do you mean I eat like a horse?' campaign image
Fetch ‘What do you mean I eat like a horse?’ campaign image

The Fetch website emphasises the pets’ personalities, allowing users to enter their pet’s name and species to bring up products that are relevant to them. Copy is written as though addressing animals directly in some sections.

As well as creating the brand strategy, name, visual identity, tone of voice, brand guidelines and website. The Clearing has also designed new delivery van exteriors. From this month, a third of the Ocado van fleet will show pet-themed designs such as tortoise shell or cat fur, replacing the food images.

Fetch is currently only available to existing Ocado customers, but non-Ocado shoppers will be able to use the service later on this year.

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