Landor aims to connect British Gas to customers

Landor is reviewing British Gas’ strategy to assess how the brand can connect with consumers in a more emotional way, according to the consultancy’s head of strategy Ian Wood.

Although the review is still in the very early stages, Wood says, the challenge will be to build connections with the consumer.

‘As an energy brand, there are relatively few touchpoints, so it’s a challenge to make that consumer connection happen. The principal touchpoints are the Web, bills, ads, phone calls and vans in the street. The challenge is finding out what the connection is and how to get it into people’s minds,’ says Wood.

The review has been prompted by the rise of energy competitors Eon and EDF, which have now established themselves within the market, according to Wood.

‘Ten years ago there was a monopoly, whereas now other brands are accepted, and awareness and understanding is much higher,’ he says.

Structural changes to the organisation of British Gas suggest that the time is right for a review, he adds.

Landor, appointed by British Gas marketers Rick Fleming and Dean Keeling, won a three-way pitch against Lambie-Nairn and Interbrand last month.

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