Design Star to Popstar

Design Week is cheered by the news that Tahita Bulmer, singer in hotly-tipped band New Young Pony Club (whose latest album The Optimist is described by the Guardian as ‘adult, broody disco’ pop-pickers)  is a former employee of D&AD.

Tahita Bulmer, New Young Pony Club
Tahita Bulmer, New Young Pony Club

However, we hope Bulmer’s chart-topping success won’t inspire the denizens of Graphite Square to join her on the new wave disco pop bandwagon. The vision of a lycra-clad Tim O’Kennedy cavorting and screeching on stage in front of a crowd of bewildered teenagers, while Anthony Simonds-Gooding stands behind manning the keyboards and smoking moodily is not one to dwell on.

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