On the wire

London-based artist Benedict Radcliffe’s wire frame Range Rover Evoque blurs the lines of sculpture and 3D modelling.

Created for Land Rover, the life-sized colourful wire sculpture has been developed using blueprints and elevations of the car and transforming them into gridline sections which feature side panels, 3D wheels, and front and back seats.

The wire frame Range Rover Evoque by Benedict Radcliffe’s
The wire frame Range Rover Evoque by Benedict Radcliffe

Radcliffe has been making similar car sculptures for the last five years, leaving them in carparks and at the side of roads as semi-permanent works of art.

For this project, which was revealed at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this week, Radcliffe has made a sturdier version of the Evoque that visitors can move about in and sit on.

He says, ‘My wire frame cars are usually quite wobbly and fragile but I really wanted people to interact with the work.’

The installation features a California-inspired, punchy colour palette, heavy on pinks, blues and yellows, to contrast with the dark space at the motor show.

Radcliffe’s next project will be even bigger than the already huge Range Rover. He’s currently  will working on a similar wire frame for a JCB full-sized excavator, which will be about 3m high. A must-see for sculpture and digger fans alike.

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