Pixel 8 rebrands Crowne Plaza hotels

Pixel 8 is rebranding the Crowne Plaza hotel brand to bring it in line with three ‘hallmark’ offers that make up the brand.

Crowne Plaza is run by the Intercontinental Hotels Group. Pixel 8 was appointed on the strength of work for another IHG brand, Hotel Indigo, and was tasked in September 2010 with moving on strategic work carried out by consultancy Continuum to establish a colour palette, image style and tone of voice, according to Pixel 8 co-director Jamie Watson.

Pixel 8 had to consider the definition of three hallmark areas – ‘creative meeting space, sleep amenities, and a quiet zone’ – to make the brand ‘more thoughtful and inspiring’, according to the consultancy’s creative director Nigel Daws.

The new brand will be unveiled in July, with 80-100 pieces of collateral designed for Crowne Plaza hotels – of which there are 400 in 52 countries.

Daws says the identity has been made more scaleable. ‘It works better at its smallest with an increased font size,’ he says. Dual language versions of the logo have also been made.

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