Red Logo Associates will ‘design a logo that represents the very essence of you’

We’ve all heard of the phrase ‘personal branding’. But even the most ego-savvy amongst us – carefully raking our Facebooks for incriminating pictures and buddying up with those all important Linked-In chums are unlikely to have a personal logo, created just for us, visually representing just how brilliant we are.

Red Logo Associates website
Red Logo Associates website

This is where Multiadaptor can help. To raise money for this year’s Comic Relief charity appeal, the consultancy has created Red Logo Associates, which takes your details, and will use them to create a logo just for you.

‘Submit your brief and our team of creatives will design a logo that represents the very essence of you’, it promises.

More ominously, it adds, ‘No options. No feedback. Just one solution that will transform your very being.’

We don't sell logos, we sell happiness
We don’t sell logos, we sell happiness

You can submit a brief through the website, where you will be asked to submit your name and tick boxes to denote a number of characteristics including ‘funny’, ‘sporty’, ‘serious’, ‘egotistical’ and ‘deranged.’

A single tick-box option is given to select the colour of your logo: it must be red. Having filled in the simple form, we’re told, ‘it’s a simple case of give and take – you give, we take.’

A donation is taken, and then you simply sit back and wait for your logo to fly into your inbox. ‘There will only be one option’, says Red Logo Associates. ‘This will be the correct one.’

Don’t like it? Tough. ‘Your opinion will certainly not be welcome.’

Comic Relief logo
Comic Relief logo

Visit to make a donation and get your own logo.

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