Vintage Typography Cards

You are a designer and wish to offer an order of congratulations to another designer to mark their birthday, recent driving test pass, or other such celebration.

Vintage Typography Cards by Princeton Architectural Press

Rather then buy something awful with bad jokes about beer or being old daubed on the front, you might consider this set of Vintage Typography Cards from Princeton Architectural Press, designed by Elana Schlenker.

The type has been lifted from vintage typographic manuals, and ranges from one-of-a-kind hand drawn samples to early twentieth century favourites.

Vintage Typography Cards by Princeton Architectural Press

On the back of each card can be found a history of the typeface’s origins and use.

The Caslon 471 and Caslon 471 Italic examples have been taken from William Caslon’s first type-specimen sheet, produced in 1734 at his foundry on London’s Ironmonger Row.

According to Princeton Architectural Press, ‘The very British type style bearing his name quickly became popular even in the American colonies, where it was used to set the first printed versions of the Declaration of Independence.’

Vintage Typography Cards by Princeton Architectural Press

We’ve also learnt that Bank Script was developed in 1895 by prolific punch cutter James A. West, in Edinburgh, Scotland.

‘Letter punches were the steel models from which moulds for moveable type were created; the craft of cutting them required enormous skill and dexterity,’ Princeton Architectural Press says.

Vintage Typography Cards by Princeton Architectural Press

Vintage Typography Notecards by Princeton Architectural Press come in a 12x15cm gift box with 12 full-colour cards and envelopes, priced around £10

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