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1. A new set of stamps celebrates Britons with ‘remarkable lives’, including Abram Games. The Royal Mail stamps have been designed by Purpose.


Source: © 1988 Nibariki – G

2. London’s BFI is set to host a Studio Ghibli season , showing the entire run of films produced by the Japanes animation powerhouse.


3. D&AD is relaunching its website and opening up its entire awards archive for free.

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Barrington Braithwaite

‘The greatest achievement as a job for me is to be able to work on set designs and costumes for one of my graphic works turn into a movie, then with enough money I’ll finance research into a lens that can peer into the stuff dogs howl at.’ Guyanese graphic artist Barrington Braithwaite tells us about his aspirations.

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We love these new Steinbeck book covers , created by Penguin art director Jim Stoddart.

Our favourite website


We’re enjoying the Design Museum’s Designs of the Year website, designed by the Beautiful Meme, which pits nominated designs against each other in a public vote. We visited the Designs of the Year show earlier this week, find out what we thought here .

Design stories in the national press

Public Enemy’s Chuck D is interviewed in the Guardian , and reveals a past as a graphic design student. ‘It helped you understand that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Whether you’re talking or rapping or drawing – use a straight line.’

The Guardian (again) reports that £1 million scheme to entice tech startups to London has been quietly dropped due to a lack of quality entries.

Apple is looking to create a more racially diverse set of emoji, according to the BBC .

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