Ilse Crawford show goes to Sotheby’s

The Design Academy Eindhoven’s Questions show, which is co-curated by Ilse Crawford, will be exhibited and sold at Sotheby’s London this week.

Studioilse founder Crawford worked with DAE chairman Anne Mieke Eggenkamp to realise the product design show, which appeared as a graduate exhibition in Milan last month.

Explaining the show’s theme, Crawford says, ‘We thought it would be interesting to show how designers take an idea and make it real by asking questions, because that’s how we make sense of change.’

She adds, ‘Design needs to be seen more as a critical process and less about just making things look good. Ultimately, all design reflects the ideas, ethics and values that we live by, for better or worse.’

The exhibition runs from 13-17 May, when the individual pieces – which include a cabinet, a coffin and jewellery – will be made available for sale.

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