Pentagram and AIG work on cookware brand website

Pentagram and Applied Information Group have collaborated on the design of a website for luxury cookware brand Bertazzoni, built on an open-source platform and without the use of Flash.

Designed for the US market, will be adapted for other global markets in June and is being touted by the consultancies as ‘future proof’.

‘The websites of a great many luxury brands rely heavily on Flash and its animation tricks. This brings them into direct conflict with [Apple chief executive] Steve Jobs, who is determined to exclude the technology from Apple mobile platforms,’ says AIG creative director Malcolm Garrett. He fears that many luxury brand sites won’t be viewable on the Apple iPad.

Bertazzoni is a longstanding client of Pentagram, which rebranded the company in 2005. The look and feel of branding and print graphics designed by the consultancy have been translated to the site. 

The consultancy sought out AIG to help conceive and deliver a way to show ‘the enormity of its product range in a catalogue and lifestyle context’, Garrett says.

Each regional site will show different products across all colour ranges in various contexts. ‘With all these sets of variables, defining the search systems has been one of the most ambitious parts [of the brief],’ Garrett says.

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