A flexible identity for the Pure London fashion show

BuroCreative has developed a flexible identity system for fashion show Pure London, which features a split identity that can be adapted for each show.

The identity for the 33rd Pure London show
The identity for the 33rd Pure London show

The new identity, which is being introduced for the next show in February 2013, features a static main typeface, while the colour and typeface that indicates the show (in this case number 33) can change for each season.

Roly Grant, creative director at BuroCreative, says, ‘It’s a system that allows them to show how established they are, but also emphasises how contemporary the show is.’


The system can also translate into print and digital design, with use of different imagery in angular crops in the different sections of the identity.

Grant says, ‘One of the main things that they wanted us to highlight with the identity is that they wanted to be seen as editors, selection quality and new items for the shows.’


Sarah Lawrence, Pure London event director, says, ‘Before entering into the process of rebranding, we carried out research among our visitors and exhibitors which highlighted themes of “edited, contemporary and international” as being of primary importance.’

Pure London is run by the i2i Events Group and takes place twice a year in Olympia. Pure London 33 will run from 10-12 February.


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