Chinese menswear brand Bosideng launches in London

Consultancies Zebra and Mammal have created designs for Chinese menswear brand Bosideng’s first European flagship store in London.

Bosideng exterior view from Oxford Street, London
Bosideng exterior view from Oxford Street, London

The store, called Bosideng London, will act as sister company to the parent Chinese brand, with the clothes mainly designed and made in Europe.

The store’s interiors, created by Zebra, will occupy three of the seven floors of the building, which is located on London’s South Molton Street. The site will also act as the company’s European headquarters, with offices occupying the third and fourth floors and the second floor used as a store area.

Bosideng interiors by Zebra
Bosideng interiors, by Zebra

Mammal has designed the branding and graphics, including interior and exterior signage, packaging, bags and clothing tags. The consultancy was also responsible for the art direction and photography.

Bosideng graphics created by Mammal
Bosideng graphics, by Mammal

The interiors reference the brand’s Chinese heritage, with Chinese-style screens and furniture and bronze fittings and finishes, according to Zebra design manager Jason Hoy. He says, ‘It’s quite masculine as it’s predominantly men’s clothing. There are stone floors running through the space and lighting’s a key feature.’

As the floors ascend the interior finishes become more high-end to match the products on sale, according to Hoy. The high-gloss white basement-level fitting room doors use deep-buttoned leather, while the first floor uses black wall panelling and tin tiles.

Mammal was appointed for the graphics work in autumn last year due to an existing relationship with Zebra.

Bosideng logo desinged by Mammal on stationery
Bosideng logo, by Mammal

Mammal senior designer Robin Powell says, ‘We started from the logo upward. The image styling references China with los of beautiful landscape backgrounds and things like birds in flight.’

Bosideng graphics created by Mammal
Bosideng graphics, by Mammal

The store opens today.

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