Fiasco creates Twitter Olympics Infographic

According to this week’s papers, our triumphant Team GB athletes have been Tweeting all kinds of revelry-based anecdotes since the Games’ closing ceremony on Sunday.

Fiasco Design's London 2012 Olympics Twitter infographic
Fiasco Design’s London 2012 Olympics Twitter infographic

Zoe Smith, the 18-year-old weightlifter who broke the British record, confessed, ‘What made me think it was a good idea o leave the majority of my packing til this morning? Lost my voice too. Oh God. RIP Zoe Smith. Cause of death: packing while hung-over.’

Meanwhile diving bronze medallist Tom Daley disclosed, ‘Hit the brick wall…gonna chill and watch TV’.

However, as well as these fascinating morning-after revelations, Twitter has played a huge role in reflecting the mood surrounding the London 2012 Olympics.

Design consultancy Fiasco has created an insightful infographic to demonstrate this as part of a self-initiated brief.

In a similar vein to the Emoto project, Fiasco’s infographic marks what it called the end of the first ‘Social Olympics’, examining the positive and negative data collected through the social networking site alongside its interactions with media including The Guardian and the BBC.

Ben Steers, managing director at Fiasco Design, says, ‘We felt that Twitter played a major and decisive role in the London 2012 Olympics and wanted to create an infographic that clearly outlined both the positive and negative uses of the social media network.’

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